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Elm Park Mansions provides a quiet and peaceful residential environment. The active and conscious co-operation of ALL residents is required to keep it so.
You have a reasonable expectation that your neighbours will behave responsibly. They, of course, will have a similar expectation of you.

These Regulations, which are laid down by the board of Elm Park Mansions Limited, are not exhaustive. Please refer to your Lease for full and authoritative information. Any serious violation of the owner’s Lease could result in its termination so these guidelines must be adhered to or the consequences could be severe.

These Guidelines cover:


You must not carry out any alterations to your flat without the permission of the Landlord. This requirement includes any proposed alterations to the structure (whether these may affect walls and partitions which are load bearing or not) internal layout or services within your flat. Consent must be obtained from the Landlord via the Managing Agents. Any third party costs incurred by the Landlord to evaluate the proposal will be paid by the applicant and the issuing of a licence to alter attracts a Landlord’s fee of £250.

If you obtain Landlords consent you are still obliged to obtain consents required from the Local Authority or other statuary bodies. All consent must be obtained at the expense of the Lessee which will include the Landlords Solicitor's and Surveyor’s costs. A deposit of £1,000 is required which is returnable on completion of the works to the Landlords satisfaction.

Your Contractors should advise the Caretakers prior to commencing any work.
Remember even minor building works can be noisy. Please inform your neighbours as a courtesy if you plan to undertake such works.
The following Guidelines for Contractors should be strictly adhered to:

Adequate protection by means of clean dust sheets must be provided in the landings and staircases. The contractor will be required to clean the staircases and landings to the entire satisfaction of the caretaker.

When carrying out building works the following must be adhered to at all times:-

1. Adequate protection by means of clean dust sheets must be provided in the landings and staircases. The contractor will be required to clean the staircases and landings to the entire satisfaction of the caretaker.

2. All rubbish and rubble must be stored in the flat until the means of removing it is available. Similarly all materials and tools must be stored within the flat and not in the common parts. Rubbish or rubble must not be dropped from any balcony or be disposed of in the large communal waste bins. No items are to be left in any part of the grounds of Elm Park Mansions.

3. Work must be carried out between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday only. Work of any description is not permitted outside the above hours nor on weekends or Bank Holidays. This is to be strictly adhered to.

4. No work must be carried out in the common parts. All works must be confined to the property being refurbished and the flat entrance door must be shut to minimise dust in the common parts.

5. No contractors’ vehicles are allowed to park in the courtyard, although short term access is available for loading and unloading. However parking is available to the rear of Block 1 at a rate of £10.00 per day. Payment by cheque is preferred. Arrangements can be made with the caretakers.

6. Alterations to the structure, services and internal layout require Landlord’s consent. Check with your employer if all consents have been obtained. You must not make any alterations to the external appearance of the building. Any works affecting the external brickwork such as the installation of a new flue or branch waste pipe also require the Landlord’s consent and must be carried out in strict accordance with the Landlord’s requirements. New pipe work must be painted in black and brickwork must be made good to match the brickwork to the rest of the building.

7. The volume of any radio used by the contractors must be kept to a reasonable level at all times.

8. Under no circumstances are the 13amp mains sockets in the common parts to be used.

You are required to keep your flat, including windows, in good repair and decorative order. Access is allowed to your flat in the event of an emergency and also upon reasonable notice in writing to inspect its condition and if necessary to give notice of want of repair.

After an enormous effort by most residents, we have now only ONE flat not connected to the rising main. Their water supply still comes from the cold water storage tank on the roof. Remaining tanks have been removed as part of the latest external works program. This has resulted in a significant saving in maintenance costs to all owners.

All gas appliances should be inspected by a Gas Safe registered engineer annually to ensure they are working correctly and have adequate ventilation. Faulty appliances can be a risk to your health. If you sub-let your property, the law requires you to provide your tenant with a Gas Safety Record.

Lessees are not allowed to carry out any works outside their flats. The internal common parts and the services passing through them should not be altered, disturbed or interfered with in any way. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to keep the windows and doors to their flats in good working order and repair. Only the Landlord can redecorate the exterior surfaces.

You must not make any alterations to the internal or external appearance of the building. Any works affecting the external brickwork such as the installation of a new flue or branch waste pipes must be carried out in strict accordance with the Landlord's requirements. New pipe work must be painted black and brickwork must be made good to match the original standards of appearance and materials. The Managing Agents must be contacted to obtain necessary approval before any work is undertaken.

Problems have been experienced from the actions of a minority of sub-tenants. The transient nature of this form of tenure means that a lack of care and consideration is, on occasion, displayed by sub-tenants towards the property and other residents. The flat must only be used as a residence for one family or household, not for business purposes or for short term holiday lets. The Managing Agents must be contacted in writing informing them of the names and contact numbers of sub-tenants, and also the caretaking staff in the case of an emergency. Action will be taken against lessees letting their homes contrary to the terms of their leases.

Lessees, not Estate Agents appointed by them, will be held responsible for the actions of their tenants if damage or nuisance of any kind is suffered. Lessees must provide a copy of these guidelines to tenants.

You have the right of access over the external grounds and internal common parts leading to your flat. However parking is not allowed except for loading and unloading during the working hours of the caretaker which at the time of writing are normally 8.00am - 5.00pm weekdays and 8.00am - 12.00pm on Saturdays. Motorbikes are not allowed. Furniture removal is allowed only on weekdays 8.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday, and not at all on Bank Holidays. Large vehicles are restricted to the centre area of the courtyard. Only four are permitted at any one time and there is a daily charge of £15.

Rubbish must never be left in the hallways, landings, stairwells or balconies or on streets or pavements. Household refuse must be disposed of in the bins provided at each end of the rear of the main block and, in the case of the Annexe, through the exit door in the basement. Bulky items and furniture will not be collected from the bin areas and lessees must arrange for the disposal of these items directly with the Local Authority. Visit the RBK&C website for full details of recycling and rubbish collection,

Do NOT allow access to visitors using the entry phone system if you do not know them.

Do NOT allow strangers to follow you into the block if you are not certain that they have legitimate business there.

Always ensure that the main entrance door to the block shuts behind you on entering or leaving the building.

Music or other amplified sound is not permitted between midnight and 7.00am and must be kept to a reasonable level at all other times. The floor of your flat, except the kitchen and bathroom, must be fully carpeted to prevent noise transmission.
The flats are not soundproof, please use the stairs quietly at night and do NOT slam flat or communal doors.
Any other form of noise, however derived, must be kept to a reasonable level at all times.

In the event of fire the means of escape from your flat is via the main stairwell and out of the building. The main entrance door to your flat and the internal doors of your entrance lobby should each provide a half hour protection from the passage of fire. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your doors or internal arrangements you should seek professional advice. Do NOT store any petrol, gas bottles or any other inflammable or potentially explosive substance on the premises.
Contact: Dial 999

You are not permitted on the roof, so please do not try to gain access. Whilst residents are not prohibited from keeping window boxes, these must be kept in good order and be securely fixed in case of high winds. Residents must get their window boxes checked by the caretaking staff to ensure that they are securely affixed to the window sills. Beware of excessive watering which may cause damage to the property.

Lessees are permitted to keep plants on balconies as long as these are kept in good order and do not obstruct the balcony doors. However, the balconies remain common parts and no exclusive rights are or will be granted to lessees. Items of any description must not be left in halls or on the stairways, including bicycles, push chairs, etc.

Smoking is NOT PERMITTED in the communal areas and this includes balconies. Cigarette ends are not to be thrown onto or over balconies or out of windows.

You are not allowed to keep any bird or animal on the premises which may cause annoyance to the Landlord or any other occupants. Fouling of the common parts will not be tolerated and animals must not be exercised in the grounds of Elm Park Mansions.

No notices may be displayed on the premises. No television aerials or satellite dishes may be erected on the buildings.

A communal TV aerial system is available. Faults on this system should be reported to the caretaker. Cable TV is also available. Faults on this system should be reported to the Cable Company.

Please leave an emergency contact name and telephone number with the caretaker. If access is required to your home in the event of an emergency this may prevent unnecessary damage being caused.

You must make your own arrangements for those attending purely to serve the flat such as cleaners, estate agents etc. A porterage system is not operated at Elm Park Mansions. Keys for the main stairway doors may be bought from the caretakers.

Delivery of parcels is the lessees' responsibility. However, where appropriate notice has been given it may occasionally be possible for small parcels to be left with the caretakers. Please note that there is no guarantee that the caretakers will be available at the time of delivery or collection, and in any case such arrangements cannot be made on a regular basis.

Entry phone faults should be reported to the caretakers.

Bicycles kept in the bike shed must be registered with the caretakers. Bicycles not registered will be removed. There are no parking facilities for mopeds/motor bikes or the like.

Do not leave food out. Pigeons are a nuisance and a health hazard and cause damage to the property which has resulted in several thousand pounds worth of remedial and preventative works being necessary in the past.

Sporting/recreational activities, eg. skating, ball games etc., are not allowed in any of the common parts or grounds of Elm Park Mansions.

If you have any queries concerning these Guidelines please contact the Managing Agents, Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward on: Tel: 0208 739 2150



Caretakers Office
Caretakers Ofice - Elm Park Mansions
79A Elm Park Mansions


Andrew Edgson
Fiona McAvoy

tel/fax:  020 7352 3499
email: caretakers@elmparkmansions.co.uk

Mon-Fri  8am - 6pm
Sat         8am - noon

Managing Agents

Kinleigh Folkard Hayward

Management queries

Gavin Owen

email: gowen@kfh.co.uk
tel:  020 3542 0164